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The case for REITs: traded and non-traded

The Savvy Investor Research Team has curated a large number of Commercial Real Estate white papers, including a number which focus on REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). A few of these are listed below:

1. The Case for Asset Allocation to REITs (Cohen & Steers)

The authors argue the case for a strategic allocation to real estate investment trusts. REITs have proved a powerful tool for portfolio diversification; they offer a moderate risk profile, an attractive income, and competitive returns that are not perfectly correlated with equities

2. REITs and Real Estate: Complementary in the good times and the bad (TIAA Henderson)

In this paper, TIAA Henderson reaffirms the complementary relationship between REITs and real estate in investment portfolios. 

3. The Argument for Investing in Non-Traded REITs (American Realty Capital)

The author argues that non-traded REITs may hold advantages over publicly-traded REITs, including: desirable risk-adjusted returns, favourable capital-raising and deployment dynamics, beneficial liquidity characteristics for long-term investors and an increased emphasis on magnifying long-term investment opportunities.