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The APB on ESG Post-COVID-19

Our Collective Post-Crisis ESG Priorities

Though we are not there yet, the thought of collectively overcoming a foe as fearsome as COVID-19 brings to mind additional objectives that ought to be global in nature. Could this virus be a catalyst that propels us closer towards tackling other environmental, social, and governance-related priorities?

The following papers explore the connection between our present situation and critical ESG issues such as climate change and gender equality, with many asset managers issuing a call-to-action, and stressing the need to remain vigilant in our collective pursuit of ESG-related global imperatives.


Will COVID-19 Prove a Watershed for ESG? (Aviva blog, May 2020)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our collective vulnerability, as well as some of the interdependencies between mankind and nature. Will it also prove to be a turning point for critical global ESG issues?

The Carbon Equation: Investing for a better climate (Federated Hermes, 2020)

The authors issue a call-to-action to address climate-related issues on a global scale before it is too late. As asset managers, this includes analyzing companies' TCFD (Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures) disclosures and their level of commitment to the Paris Agreement.

The Value of ESG Investing in a Post-Coronavirus World (PineBridge blog, May 2020)

PineBridge provides some insight about what a 'new normal' for environmental, social, and governance investing could look like in a post-COVID-19 world.

Emerging Market Green Bonds Report 2019 (Amundi AM, 2020)

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The utilization of debt capital markets will be critical to financing the $29 trillion of sustainable development and climate-related needs that the world faces over the next decade.

Headwinds Approaching: Are ESG investors prepared? (Enterprising Investor, 2020)

Could some of the tailwinds that have helped to drive positive returns for ESG investors actually become headwinds in the near future?

An Update on our ESG Scores (Franklin Templeton, Apr 2020)

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Franklin Templeton provides updated TGM-ESGI scores (as of Feb 2020) for over 50 countries, and also includes several case studies. A metric on 'health security' is also included.

Responsible Investing: Critical issues and indicators Q1 2020 (Calvert)

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Calvert takes a closer look at the facts, figures, and trends currently impacting the field of Responsible Investing.

Seeking Gender Balance Inside and Outside of the Boardroom (Robeco, 2020)

Robeco uses statistical analysis to examine the connection between gender equality and business performance. The overall proportion of women in management positions could be the most critical factor.

Stoxx Factor and ESG-X Factor Indices: Premia exposure counts (Qontigo, 2020)

STOXX® Factor Indices allow investors to enjoy factor premia while avoiding undesired/unintentional factor exposures. Qontigo explains the utility value of these and other ESG indices.

ESG Investing is Fundamental Investing (Federated Hermes, 2020)

As Federated Hermes explains, ESG considerations are becoming vital to the valuation and analysis of securities, the fulfillment of investors' fiduciary responsibilities, and their pursuit of positive risk-adjusted returns.

Financial Performance of ESG Investing Strategies in Endowments (IEN, 2020)

Endowments and foundations are increasingly integrating ESG factors into their practices and their internal policies. This paper delves into the multitude of reasons they have for doing so.

Going Green: Real estate and sustainability in APAC (UBS AM, 2020)

The real estate industry should take global warming just as seriously as the world has collectively addressed the COVID-19 pandemic. Ignoring warning signs will be detrimental to global supply chains, food production, and life as we know it.

Companies That Fell From the S&P 500 ESG Index (S&P Dow Jones Indices, May 2020)

On April 30, 2020, the S&P 500® ESG Index was rebalanced for the second time since it launched in early 2019. Several prominent companies were removed from the index, but which ones, and why?

Lessons From 200+ Years of Energy Evolution (Wellington Management, 2020)

With all of the recent volatility in energy markets, energy investors are currently facing uncertain times. Wellington Management draws upon previous energy transitions to project what may come next.

Covid-19 Exposes Weaknesses in Country Sustainability (Robeco, May 2020)

COVID-19 has served to highlight the extent to which countries' exposure to sudden crisis situations exposes their lack of preparedness, this report by RobecoSAM warns.

Global Gender Gap Report 2020 (WEF)

The analysis presented in this report is based on a methodology integrating the latest statistics from international organizations and a survey of executives.

Do Markets Value ESG Risks in Sovereign Credit Curves? (2020)

How does ESG relate to sovereign debt markets? This paper analyzes CDS spreads and CDS implied curves, finding that ESG does in fact have a risk-mitigating effect in this market.

How COVID-19 Has Altered the ESG Conversation (Vinson & Elkins, Apr 2020)

Legal firm Vinson & Elkins provides this helpful file on ESG changes due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

ESG and Climate Change for Pension Funds (Sackers, 2020)

This Sackers guide is intended to help pension trustees to be better informed on ESG investment decisions and climate change.