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Our 7 most viewed papers of March 2015

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  • 28 March 2015
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It's just three weeks since our official launch. Already, over 800 members have joined; investment professionals from all over the world, mainly from pension funds, asset managers and investment consultants. We've seen some great pensions and investment white papers uploaded to the site. Here are our seven, most-viewed papers of March 2015.

1. Front Office and Asset Management Salaries - the outlook for 2015

Michael Page compares the average compensation levels from a range of institutional investors for the last year.

2.    Risk Parity, Momentum and Trend-Following in Global Asset Allocation

An empirical study of the results from taking a momentum approach to tactical asset allocation, allocating between four major asset classes; equities, fixed income, commercial property and commodities.

3.    How MegaTrends are Shaping the Investment Management Industry

In this comprehensive 80 page report, KPMG explore the mega-trends that they believe will reshape the investment management industry over the next 15 years.

4.    How Belief and Behaviour Sabotages Success in Asset Management

State Street CAR examines the drivers of success and common pitfalls, encountered when seeking to help investors sustainably to meet their long-term objectives.

5.    Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: Lessons from Australia and Canada

The Rotman International Centre for Pensions Management examines the experiences of Australian and Canadian pension funds; experienced investors in infrastructure.

6.    A Quantitative Approach to TAA

Mebane Faber updates his hugely influential 2006 white paper “A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation” with fresh data.

7.   Forecasting Long Term Equity Returns

This paper sets out Research Affiliates’ approach to making a long-term forecast for equity market returns.

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