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OCIO - Delegated Management and CIO Outsourcing

We've curated a range of great papers on Fiduciary Management and OCIO strategies. Here are some of the best:

1. Guide to Choosing Delegated Investment Management Services for North American Corporate Pensions (Terry Group)

Though outsourcing appears to make sense, it is important to achieve a shared understanding of your ultimate goals and objectives before beginning a careful process to vet potential providers.

2. Outsourced Investment Management: An Overview (Commonfund)

Originally viewed as a solution for smaller funds only, outsourcing of the asset management function is growing, with the OCIO model gaining popularity amongst large funds. Commonfund provide an overview of this evolving marketplace.

3. Meeting Today's Challenges with Outsourced Investment Solutions (PNC, 2015)

Asset owners are confronted with rising costs and increasing regulations. Against this backdrop, many are seeking ways to keep costs down and simplify their processes. As a result, many institutional investors are considering outsourced CIO models as a potential solution.

4. The right choice for you? A pension perspective on OCIO: (Vanguard, May 2015)

This 12 page note from Vanguard examines the key issues to be explored by those considering whether to go down an OCIO route. Often, those responsible for oversight of an asset pool have limited understanding if institutional investment, or the interplay between assets and liabilities. They may decide their time is better focused on organizational issues, leaving investment issues in the hands of experts.

5. Investment Outsourcing: Evolution of the Industry, Products and Solutions

A concise four page paper from NEPC which seeks to explain the different OCIO models and to help institutional investors decide which suits them best.

6. OCIO RFPs: Are You Asking These Key Questions? (Strategic Investment Group)

The authors argue that traditional RFPs are insufficient for the selction of OCIO partners. Many vital questions commonly go unasked. This paper suggests additional lines of enquiry that should be carried out when appointing an outsourced CIO.

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