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“LinkedIn for Pension Funds” an instant hit with institutional investors


A new professional network for pensions and investment professionals has proved an instant success, with 2000 registered members only two months after launch.

The “Savvy Investor” website has a strong focus on content, aiming to provide an educational platform which enables institutional investors to “work smarter”. Members have access to a searchable library of over 8000 white papers and articles, curated from around the web or published directly to the site by investment managers and consultants.

Chief Executive Andrew Perrins, formerly an actuary and asset allocator with Abbey Life and Chase Manhattan, said; “The early response to Savvy Investor has completely surpassed our expectations. We’ve only just started marketing the site, but a lot of our new members are already coming by word of mouth, and it seems to be taking on a life of its own. I’m pleased for our team, who have worked so hard to build a site which has the networking functionality of LinkedIn, but is founded upon excellent content, all within a compliant framework. We’ve been delighted by the response, particularly from US, UK, Canadian and Australian investors. In the last few days we’ve begun to see the larger asset managers like State Street and Natixis establishing their company profiles and using the site as a publishing platform to post some really excellent research.”

Membership of Savvy Investor is free, but access to the site is provided only to pension funds, other institutional investors and their service providers. Members must register using their professional email address, which is then verified.

A new type of professional social media is growing rapidly

Savvy Investor represents a new breed of professional social media – a “knowledge network”, focusing on providing institutional investors with the best white papers and professional research from around the web. With most social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, content is disposable and instantly forgotten. A “knowledge network” is different - the focus is on content with substance; educational and of lasting value. Savvy Investor is a new type of industry portal, focused on helping investors to work smarter – hence the name!

Savvy Investor serves its members with a rich blend of curated research, aggregated news and user generated content. White papers and articles are curated the old-fashioned way, with Savvy researchers identifying and categorising the best research. News and blogs are aggregated from around the web, with thousands of investment and pension stories every day running through sophisticated algorithms and keyword filters to index content into one of 50 topic categories.

Companies use Savvy Investor to raise their profile and enhance their reputation with institutional investors by listing their company profile and publishing content on the site. For companies which have recently written a research piece or white paper, it takes just a few minutes to publish a link to their article, along with a short abstract. This helps to establish the company as a thought leader in their areas of expertise.

The Savvy Investor site is personalised to the user; the home page displays news and research tailored to the interests of the member. The 50 different topic categories are each designed as a community within the community, each with their own “front page”, white papers, news & blogs, conference, jobs and directory sections.

Membership of this new professional network is geographically diverse; broadly 40% North America, 30% UK, 20% Europe (ex UK), 10% Australia and ROW.

What can you do on Savvy Investor? Some examples….

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it, in Savvy Investor’s library of over 13,000 white papers.