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9 Rules of IT Strategy for Asset Management

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  • 12 Jun 2015
  • Updated 08 Jun 2018

The Savvy Investor Research Team has curated a wide variety of excellent papers on the use of investment technology in asset management. A small selection of papers is shown below; please click through to browse the full listings.

1. The Role of Technology within Asset Management (BlackRock)

Is there a danger that the commonality of vendor-provided technology could create a "group-think" dynamic which creates a systemic risk? This is one of the questions tackled by the authors from BlackRock in this popular report.

2. Can Front-Office Technology Drive Transformational Change? (Ernst & Young)

As the asset management community pursues a capable, scalable and cost-effective global operating model for the investment division and technology enable it, this paper examines the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. The report considers how current solutions are uniquely positioned to shift the way the business is serviced.

3. Nine rules of IT strategy for asset management (PwC)

This 15 page document from PwC sets out guidelines to be followed by those responsible for implementation of IT strategy within investment management firms