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How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution?

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  • 14 Apr 2016
  • Updated 08 Jun 2018

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution?

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Here are the some of the papers most popular with investment marketers, so far in 2016. Register today for free access to all research.

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? (Deloitte, March 2016)
This report seeks to describe the impact the Fintech phenomenon is having on the distribution model of the asset management industry and the strategies to be adopted by incumbent players.

Practices in Digital Marketing within Asset Management Firms (Kurtosys, 2015)
This survey by Kurtosys provides insights into the community of fund management marketers across the globe. It uncovers how they rate the effectiveness of various digital marketing channels. It also helps determine the biggest opportunities and challenges for their marketing efforts.

The Cost of Investment Management: A guide for fiduciaries (Commonfund)
This paper seeks to provide fiduciaries with a better understanding of the nature of the costs paid for the funds for which they are responsible, and to support best practice.

The Danger of Selecting Funds that Recently Outperformed (Jason Hsu et al)
When selecting managers, asset owners should consider factors beyond past performance, according to the authors of this paper. They argue asset owners would be more successful if they selected funds with poor recent performance, rather than those with recent great performance.

The 300 largest pension funds acriss the globe (Willis Towers Watson, 2015)
This 47-page report by Willis Towers Watson offers invaluable insights into the biggest pension funds in the world, showing data by region, DC/DB, asset type, asset allocation, etc.

Factors that should be considered when selecting managers (OMERS/Pavilion)
This brief paper was authored by David Finstad, OMERS' Director of Hedge Fund Management. Offering an interesting perspective on pension funds, marketers might find this paper particularly useful to understand.

How MegaTrends are Reshaping the Investment Management Industry (KPMG, 2015)
In this comprehensive 80-page report, KPMG uncover the megatrends that they expect to see reshaping the investment management industry within the next 15 years.

Nine key drivers of change for the global wealth and asset management industry
​​In this 12-page 2015 report, Ernst & Young suggest that the global wealth and asset management industry will witness huge changes in the coming year. The ongoing rise of automation (such as robo-advisors and electronic distribution platforms) is expected to reshape and significantly disrupt the core operating model of a number of firms - both for retail and institutional business.

Investment Management Fees charged to Pension Funds in the UK - 2015 Survey (LCP)
This insightful 40-page Lane Clark & Peacock survey examines investment management fees, segmented by fund size and asset class. With increasing pressure being placed on asset managers to clearly disclose the costs of investing, this report reveals areas where greater transparency is sought. 

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