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Global Investment Outlook - Q2 2016 – The Best Papers

Global Investment Outlook - Q2 2016 – The Best Papers

Savvy Investor is a free resource hub and research library for institutional investors around the world. We curate the best investment papers, and make them available to our members. Here is a selection of the best papers on the investment outlook for Q2 2016.


Global Investment Outlook Q2 2016 (BlackRock)
Strategists from BlackRock's Investment Institute Outlook examine the global economic and financial outlook. Fears of a global recession have waned since early 2016 and the authors argue that this, combined with the slow pace of US interest rate increases, stabilizing growth and the dimming of dollar strength, bodes well for markets near term.

JP Morgan Guide to the Markets (Q2 2016)
This comprehensive JP Morgan chart book is stuffed full of graphs and tables, illustrating economic trends, inflation dynamics and leading indicators for global asset classes.

Prudential Fixed Income Quarterly Outook – latest
From Prudential, a quarterly assessment of global bond markets. This is the latest in a regular series of quarterly reports.

Profitability Trends in Emerging Markets (Lazard, Apr 2016)
Emerging market equities have trailed developed market equities over several years, as corporate profitability in emerging markets has fallen. This paper examines the drivers of company profits, analysing the components of ROE for companies in both emerging and developed economies.

Neutral on Equities: A Tale of Two Lows (Pioneer, Apr 2016)
Central bank policy remains accommodative, but their ability to impact capital markets is declining. The authors argue there is an increasing likelihood that the global economy remains in a long-term low inflation, low growth environment. This, they suggest, calls for a neutral view on equity allocations.

2016 Global Market Outlook Q2: Late-cycle volatility (Russell Investments)
Russell strategists expect volatility to be a key feature throughout 2016, and they argue for moving away from ‘buy-the-dips’ toward a ‘sell-the-rallies’ approach.

Investment Outlook from Bill Gross (Janus Capital, Apr 2016)
What are the implications of negative interest rates upon stock selection decisions? Janus Capital's Bill Gross analyses the impact and writes his conclusions.

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