Institutional Asset Managers

The future of wealth management

Some of our most-read wealth management white papers are those which examine how the industry will change in the coming years.

Here are three reports which examine the future of the wealth management industry:

1. The Future of European Wealth Management (Oliver Wyman/JP Morgan)

The European Wealth Management Industry is undergoing fundamental change. This survey uncovers the key secular forces and developments that are transforming the industry, and the critical factors that wealth managers should focus on to gain competitive advantage.

2. Wealth Management 2030 (Deutsche Bank)

In this 20 page report, the authors at Deutsche Bank discuss the changes we will see in the private wealth management industry over the next 15 years. The paper posits that wealth managers should invest now to meet the future demands of a high-tech world, and prepar themselves for the value structure and preferences of the future generations of customers.

3. How MegaTrends are Reshaping Investment Management (KPMG)

This book is designed to help investors improve their ability to select managers.