Private Wealth and Family Offices

Family Offices - our top 3 papers

What is a Family Office?

A Family Office may manage the assets of a single ultra-high net worth family. A multi-family office manages the investments of multiple UHNW families. Sometimes a multi-family office has grown out of an original, single family office. More often, the term "multi-family office" refers to a solution offered by a private, wealth management firm.

Family Office Research and White Papers

Many of our family office white papers have had over 100 views on the site; here is a selection:

1. The Global State of Family Offices

This paper analyzes the global position of Family Offices; specifically focusing on what Family Offices should be doing to rival traditional wealth management firms

2. The Institutionalization of Asian Family Offices

This paper from INSEAS examines how Asian family offices have made the transition from family business to institutional quality investment. It covers questions of structuring investment functions, setting investment objectives, and the process by which Asian families can be transferring wealth to their offspring.

3. Impact Investing: A Primer for Family Offices

Can impact investing be a credible investment objective for family offices? This paper from the World Economic Forum believes that it can. Not only that, but the WEF believes that Family Offices can leads tje way in impact investing. This reports aims to show them how.

4. Creating a Single Family Office for Wealth Creation and Family Legacy Sustainability

This white paper focuses on the creation of a Single Family Office for wealth creation and family legacy sustainability.