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ETFs for institutional investors - the top white papers

​How can fund managers use ETFs most effectively?

For institutional investors, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer a quick and easy way to gain exposure to indices or themes. In recent years, ETFs have evolved beyond their original, vanilla flavours, to offer a range of more sophisticated exchange-traded products, including smart beta ETFs.

The Savvy Research team has curated this list of the best ETF research for institutional investors; a broad mix including papers which provide an introduction to ETFs, some which explore practical issues of implementation, and others which examine the current marketplace for ETFs and their adoption by institutional investors.

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Investor Perceptions about Smart Beta ETFs (EDHEC, 2016)
This study EDHEC-Risk Institute analyses the usage of ETFs in investment management. It gives a detailed account of the current perceptions and practices of European investors in ETFs. 

A Comprehensive Guide to ETFs (CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2015)
This important book seeks to help investors understand and effectively use ETFs to meet their investment risk/return objectives. It explains how ETFs work, their unique investment and trading features, their regulatory structure, and more.

Global Trends in Institutional ETF Adoption (Greenwich Associates, May 2016)
This 11-page document by Greenwich Associates examines how current ETF trends can be expected to impact demand in 2020. The authors use a growth model that estimates growth in ETF assets over the next five years.

The Big Picture: A Cost Comparison of Futures and ETFs (2015)
This report by the CME Group provides investors with helpful comparisons of the cost of Futures and ETFs.

Global ETP Landscape (BlackRock, Sep 2016)
This BlackRock report provides an overview of the latest key global and regional ETP industry trends.

ETFs: A roadmap to growth (PwC, Aug 2016)
PwC recently concluded a survey of the global ETF market. This 33-page paper provides insights gained from that survey on key developments which will help drive ETF growth in this coming years - markets, distribution and products.

A Global Guide to Strategic Beta Exchange-Traded Products (Morningstar, 2015)
The authors of this guide provide insights into the state of the global landscape for strategic-beta ETPs. They expect this space to grow faster than the wider ETP market, as well as the asset-management industry as a whole.

The Right Way to Assess ETFs' Liquidity (OppenheimerFunds, April 2016)
This paper by OppenheimerFunds serves as a guide for how to assess the liquidity of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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