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May the unstoppable (ESG) Force be with you!

ESG themes of all shapes and sizes continue to dominate trends both in institutional investment management and investor thinking. Rising 'end user' awareness of ESG issues, driven in part by popular protest movements and climate-related natural disasters, has led to an increasing desire by those 'end investors' to engage with and hold responsible those who manage their investments. That more investors wish to see that their money is being invested responsibly accounts for some of the recent rapid growth in ESG products, with the amount invested in ESG-themed ETFs alone more than doubling in 2019, to in excess of $50bn.

This recent collection of podcasts and papers covers a wide range of issues within the broader ESG topic, with articles as diverse as those outlining current best ESG practice, aspects of impact investing, inclusion, 'gender lens' investing, and more. In addition, a paper in the list notes the increasing role and responsibilities of pension fund trustees, a topic that doesn't generally get much coverage.

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Women on Boards: Progress Report (MSCI, 2019)

MSCI's report notes that women's representation on corporate boards reached 20% in 2019, and a gender split amongst global directors might be achieved by 2044.

Raising the bar — impact investing in a changing world (Nuveen, 2019)

Nuveen's report highlights their approach to impact investing over the last decade and features some of the results of the $1bn that they have invested over that period.

The UK Pensions Governance Gap: Identifying and mitigating risks (AMX, 2019)

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AMX's report highlights a potential area of risk for pension trustees that is less well understood-that of operational and technical system risk. The paper focuses upon five critical areas of operational risk that may get overlooked.

SRI and Islamic Finance: Similarities and Differences (CFA Institute, 2019)

This paper from the CFA highlights the similarities and differences between SRI investing and the approach taken in Islamic finance. It goes on to analyze areas which might suggest the adoption and inclusion of ESG principles in Islamic finance.

Reassessing the relationship between diversity and corporate culture (Invesco, 2019)

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In this paper from Invesco, they suggest taking a 'mosaic' approach to the key issue of inclusion as it embraces at least three considerations (those of diversity, corporate culture and globalisation) as such an approach pieces together individual characteristics to produce a whole.

The Little Book of Data (Aviva Investors, 2019)

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Aviva Investors provides several charts and graphical insights covering a broad range of themes designed to provoke thought and aid comprehension.

Waste Side Story: The other side of consumption (Fidelity International, 2019)

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Fidelity investigates the waste industry, noting it as one of the critical issues facing the planet.

Responsible Investment Super Study (RIAA, 2019)

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RIAA's report outlines the approaches to Responsible Investing (RI) by over 500 funds investing in the region. The study aims to achieve two things, a) assist super funds in understanding practical components of best practice in responsible investment, and b) to help consumers comprehend the range of approaches and strategies that are in place.

The A-Z of Impact Investing (PEI, 2019)

In this insightful paper from PEI, they outline the principles of impact investing.


Podcast: The rationale & rigour of ESG analysis & engagement, pt 1 (Hermes IM)

Hermes outlines in this podcast, why sustainability should feature in fixed-income investment decision making, and details some of the approaches available.

Podcast: The rationale & rigour of ESG analysis & engagement, pt 2 (Hermes IM)

In this podcast, Hermes outlines a number of the processes required that assist in the successful analysis of sustainability risks in fixed- income markets.

Podcast: Sustainable agriculture - the economics of healthy soil (Hermes IM, 2020)

For compliance reasons, this paper is NOT accessible in the United States

Hermes IM explores in this podcast, the subject and economics of healthy soil.


Video: Investing in the Age of Engagement (Enterprising Investor, 2019)

In this video, taken at the Women in Investment Management 2019 Conference, Heather Brilliant CFA, outlines the changing thinking by investors towards the purpose of their investments.

Video: When Can We Stop Talking about ESG? (Enterprising Investor, 2019)

Mary Jane McQuillen, managing director and head of the ESG investment program at ClearBridge Investments, outlines in this video why ESG factors should be integral to the investment decision-making process.