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The Earth Pig and the Outlook for the Chinese Economy

The Top Whitepapers on The Chinese Economy in 2019

The Chinese zodiac states that 2019 is the year of the pig (or more precisely, the earth pig).  As a result, some Feng Shui experts recommend spending more time in the northwest corner of your house and vacationing by the mountains instead of by the seaside. 

For other (more market-related) Chinese prognostications, check out the list of papers below, which includes updates on the ongoing trade war, the implications of China's inclusion in global indices, and the potential for recent fiscal and monetary stimulus packages to abate the slowdown in the Chinese economy. 

earth pig China outlook

China's Century? The Economic Giant's Next Act (Franklin Templeton, Mar 2019)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region

China is at a critical inflection point. There is increased potential for market volatility due to the many challenges the country faces. Growth could slow further due to de-risking activities. But the overall outlook remains positive, as today's reforms should serve to buttress tomorrow's Chinese economy.

How China is driving the global economy and creating opportunities (UBS AM, 2019)

Thematic trends are fostering growth in China and across the world, while also creating opportunities for long-term investors.

US v China: The real agenda behind the trade war (Hermes IM, Mar 2019)

Just how legitimate of a concern is the Thucydides trap, given China's recent advancements in areas such as 5G technology and artificial intelligence?

China bonds inclusion in global bond indices (Manulife AM, Apr 2019)

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In this Q&A, two portfolio managers from Manulife Asset Management discuss their latest views on China, given their rapidly growing bond market and their recent inclusion in a variety of global bond indices.

A sustainable investor’s view on water scarcity in China (Fidelity Intl, Apr 2019)

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Fidelity International weighs in on water scarcity issues present in China, their root causes, and opportunities that this situation may generate.

China's new economy takes root (Robeco blog, Apr 2019)

Victoria Mio, Chief Investment Officer of Robeco China, talks about the downturn in the Chinese economy this year, and how supportive fiscal policy may pave the way for a recovery in the second half of 2019.

How smart beta strategies work in the Chinese market (S&P Dow Jones Indices, 2019)

S&P Dow Jones Indices examines the behavior of 6 of the most well-known factors in the Chinese equity market over a 12-year period in order to provide further insight to current and potential EM smart beta investors.

The Case for Dedicated China Exposure (Cambridge Associates, Mar 2019)

Cambridge Associates makes the case for a dedicated China allocation for both public and private market investors.

China's Digital Economy: Opportunities and Risks (IMF, 2019)

Digital innovation has boosted productivity growth in China. This paper looks at a host of ways that digitalization and digital technologies are affecting Chinese industries and the overall Chinese economy.

Emerging Markets: Green shoots in China (Fidante, Apr 2019)

Fidante looks at the fiscal and monetary stimulus packages recently announced in China in the context of China's broader secular growth slowdown.

Podcast: what US-China tensions mean for credit investors (Hermes IM, Apr 2019)

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How does the ongoing trade war between the USA and China impact credit investors, given that Chinese corporate debt has ballooned to encompass nearly one third of total EM corporate debt?

China's Local Equity Markets: How and Where and Who? (Aberdeen Standard, Feb 2019)

In this 28-page report, Aberdeen Standard takes a look at Chinese onshore equities and the pros and cons of investing in the China A-share market.

Above and Beyond: Belt and Road Initiative investment and risk outlook (Acuris, 2019)

Acuris examines the roles of a variety of different stakeholders in the Belt and Road initiative, including MNCs and international investors.

The Belt and Road Initiative: Chinese agribusiness going global (GRAIN, 2019)

How far-reaching and impactful are the various agricultural projects that are encompassed within China's Belt and Road Initiative?