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Canadian Pensions - The top 10 papers of 2018 H1

The Top 10 White Papers of 2018 H1 - for Canadian Pension Plans

There's plenty for Canadian corporate pensions sponsors to think about at present, as the papers below demonstrate. The Savvy Investor content team has curated the list below from among the most popular pensions papers on our platform, from 2018 to date.

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The Evolution of the Canadian Pension Model (World Bank, 2017)
This detailed World Bank report documents the evolution of the "Canadian model" of public pensions, highlighting practical lessons for emerging market pension stakeholders seeking to improve their retirement systems.

Canadian asset management industry: opportunities and risks report (KPMG, 2017)
This KPMG report provides the findings of a recent survey of Canada's leading asset management professionals. It explores the risks and opportunities facing the industry.

Global Pension Asset Study (Willis Towers Watson, 2018)
This is Willis Towers Watson's latest annual Global Pension Assets Study. It covers 22 major pension markets which now total over US$41 bn in pension assets and account for nearly 70% of the GDP of these economies.

The Regulatory Framework for Canadian Pensions (Fraser Institute, 2018)
Many factors affect the cost of running a pension plan, but a crucial yet over-looked factor is the regulatory landscape that private pension plan managers must adhere to and the regulations that their public sector counterparts are exempt from.

Global Pension and Retirement Market Outlook (EY, 2018)
This 16-page report by EY presents the findings and observations from a recent pensions survey of 50 public and private sector stakeholders, corporate pension and retirement organizations, and asset managers. 

Mortality Assumptions for Actuarial Pension Valuations (Canadian Institute of Actuaries, 2017)
This note is intended to assist actuaries in the selection of appropriate mortality assumptions for pension plan valuations. The focus is on establishing best estimate mortality assumptions suitable for use in going concern valuations for funding purposes and actuarial valuations for accounting purposes when the actuary expresses an opinion on the assumptions under the terms of engagement, under sections 3200 and 3400 of the Standards of Practice, respectively.

10 Best Practices for Global DC Plans (SSGA)
SSGA identifies and discusses 10 best practices for global defined contribution pension plans, including: articulating objectives of total rewards globally, establishing a clear and flexible governance framework, deciding on a global investment philosophy, promoting higher savings rates, and seeking other efficiencies.

Give Participants What They Want: Growth with Less Risk (Intech Investments)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies)
It’s long been understood by psychologists and behavioral finance experts that investors attach more value to avoiding large losses than to making gains of a similar amount. This is an important consideration in selecting investment options for your participants.

Post-Retirement Experiences of over-85s in US & Canada (Society of Actuaries)
This detailed paper by the Society of Actuaries (89 pages) aims to find out how the habits and behaviors from earlier in life played out in the later years of retirement.

The world’s 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson, Sept 2017)
This comprehensive 47-page paper by Willis Towers Watson provides invaluable insights into the financial state of the largest 300 pension funds in the world.