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Canadian Pensions - the top 8 papers

Canadian Pensions Research - the top 8 papers

At Savvy Investor, we curate the best pensions and investment white papers and make them available to our members for free. Here, we list the eight top Canadian Pensions papers from the last six months.


Challenges for Canadian DB Plan Sponsors (Northern Trust)
Sponsors of Canadian defined benefit (DB) pension plans face numerous challenges staffing and resourcing a pension function that is generally not a core competency for the organization. The Northern Trust team was curious to find out what challenges are top-of-mind for these sponsors, particularly given implications of ongoing changes in the regulatory and investment environment.

Canadian DC Pensions: Selecting and Monitoring Investment Options (IFEBP, 2015)
This article explores how a plan sponsor should go about selecting and monitoring investment options in a Defined Contribution retirement plan. It uses the Capital Accumulation Plan Guidelines. While not law, the guidelines provide plan sponsors and members with an industry standard to follow. The article is an excerpt from the International Foundation book Employee Benefits in Canada, 4th Edition.

Climate Change and the Fiduciary Duties of Pension Fund Trustees in Canada
One of the key environmental, social, and economic issues of our time is climate change. Canadian pension fund trustees have debated how climate change should be accounted for in decision-making, including how trustees can engage with policymakers. Pension fund trustees have a fiduciary duty to their beneficiaries and plan members to act in their interest prudently. The potential of funds to mitigate or exacerbate climate change by means of their investment decisions has opened up the question on the obligations of trustees.

Survey of Canadian CFA Charterholder Compensation
An excellent and comprehensive study of compensation amongst Canadian CFA Charterholders. Showing salary, bonus and benefit levels for portfolio managers, multi-asset PMs, portfolio analysts, risk analysts, compliance/regulatory professionals, investment marketers, product development professionals, investment advisers and private client execs. Compensation levels are cut and sliced in a variety of ways: by city, by experience, by qualification. The survey also shows hours worked.

Comparing the Costs of the Canada Pension Plan with Public Pension Plans in Ontario
The authors of this paper examine the claim that costs and economies of scale of the Canada Pension Plan are low, when compared with Public Pension Plans in Ontario. They find no systematic relationship between of the pension plan's assets size and their costs. In fact, diseconomies of scale for larger public pension plans may exist because of the complex nature of implementing their investment strategies, such as contracting out for external experts.

Global Pension Assets Study 2016 (Willis Towers Watson)
The 2016 GPAS (Global Pensions Asset Study) adds Chile, India and Spain to its study of the 19 largest pension markets in the world, (other countries being: the US and the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil and Australia). The 2016 GPAS study analyzes asset size (comparison with GDP and growth statistics), asset allocation, DC (Defined Contribution) and DB (Defined Benefit) shares of pension assets, and six medium-term factors that are increasingly influential on pension fund development known as 'The Faces of Change'.

Canadian Real Estate: Still A Strong Performer (Manulife Asset Management, Apr 2016)
Commercial real estate investing offers a mixture of high return potential with relatively lower volatility compared to other asset classes. Commercial real estate in Canada has shown tremendous resilience in the face of catastrophic economic episodes that have swept across the globe over the past decade.

The world's 300 largest pension funds (Willis Towers Watson)
This document by Willis Towers Watson (47 pages) provides insights of the biggest pension funds in the world, showing data by region, DB/DC, asset type and asset allocation. The research reveals that 43% of global assets are now represented by the 300 largest pension funds. Total assets grew by more than 3% last year (compared to 6% the year before). North America had the highest 5-yr combined compound growth rate of around 8%, the highest of any region.

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