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COP27: What Can the Industry Do to Fight Climate Change?

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  • 18 Nov 2022


Facing the Inevitable: How to deal with climate change pragmatically

COP27 was the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference. It brought together political, business and academic leaders to develop solutions to the most pressing climate change risks. Indeed, reducing the overall temperature of the globe is the main goal. Below you can find perspectives from leading asset managers on the conference and climate change.

Gold And Climate Change: Adaptation and Resilience (World Gold Council)

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This report challenges the perception of gold mining as an environmentally damaging activity. The authors use compelling data to show the ESG angle of gold mining.

COP27 Net Zero Atlas (FTSE Russell)

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The COP27 Net Zero Atlas builds on FTSE Russell's inaugural report to systematically assess the climate targets and mitigation strategies of G20 countries.

CIO Autumn Update: To COP And Beyond (LGIM)

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In this CIO update, LGIM highlights that the goals discussed at COP27 to tackle climate change are not separate aims, but all linked by one common vision.

The Transition Will Not Be Televised - Part 1 (Impax Asset Management)

The transition to clean energy is underway. The great progress that has been made so far is nothing compared to the growth potential that lies ahead for solar and wind.

Podcast: The Question Is… Is COP Full of Hot Air? (Lazard Asset Management)

To what extent is the UN's COP purely ceremonial and to what extent does this meeting get things done in order to tackle climate change? Found out in this podcast.

Podcast: G-77 And Bangladesh Lead Climate Negotiator on COP27 (Man Group)

Not all countries are going to be affected the same away by climate change risks. Some, especially poorer ones, may likely experience much bigger disruptions.

The Key to Success for the COP27 Climate Summit Showdown (BloombergNEF)

Ahead of the COP27 Summit, the challenges of climate change mixed with economic and political agendas. What should the world takeaway from this year's conference?