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COP26: Net zero on the horizon

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Over the past month, the world has been watching Glasgow where world leaders met for the COP26 climate change summit. At COP26, around 200 countries have attempted to find a reasonable balance between what their own interests are and agreeing on targets that all nations should meet to stop irreversible damage to the planet.

COP26 has made it apparent that it is not only the responsibility of governments to solve this issue, but that both individuals and businesses can and must play their part to ensure these targets are met. At Savvy Investor, we are trying to do our bit and have implemented our own ESG initiative. To date, we are proud to say, we have planted 13,905 trees, and we are planting more every month.

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READ NOW: COP26: Net zero on the horizon (Special Report, 2021)

COP26: Net zero on the horizon (Special Report, 2021)

This Special Report highlights some of the key points to take away from this year's COP26, discusses the impact climate change will have on investor portfolios, and outlines how investors can help get the planet to net zero.