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Brexit Update: Best White Papers, Summer 2018

The Brexit Impact Update: Best White Papers, Summer 2018

It's tempting to become bored of Brexit, but it isn't going away and still has the potential to move the direction of markets and industries. Below we list some of the best papers from the last couple of months, all focused on the likely ramifications of that fateful vote from mid-2016. Our list leads off with Franklin Templeton's exposé on the UK political process and interview with Lord Kerr, one of the original authors of Article 50 and ideally positioned to provide expert analysis.

Finally, to provide some historical context, you might be interested to read Robeco's "Concise Financial History of Europe". At over 100 pages, you may question the word "concise", but it is a stimulating tour de force of the last 900 years, neatly split into nine chapters.

brexit asset management white papers

The Politics and Processes of Brexit (Franklin Templeton, July 2018)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region)
Franklin Templeton reviews differences in opinion between the UK's two main political parties on Brexit and the manner in which it could take place, as well as the resulting implications for UK investors. 

Summer read: A concise financial history of Europe (Robeco, June 2018)
If we agree that human behaviour drives asset prices, then we should look to history as a guide. This book by Robeco reviews some of the defining periods in Europe's financial history and is divided into four chapters.

UK Asset Management: Beyond Brexit (The Investment Association, July 2018)
This document sets out the Investment Association's priorities for the Brexit negotiations, and the organisation's ambition for a new partnership between the UK and the EU.

Brexit and Alternative Asset Managers: Managing the Impact (AIMA, July 2018)
The purpose of this paper is to set out technical points that should be addressed between the UK and the EU either within an all-encompassing agreement or as internal UK policies.

Brexit Blog latest (London School of Economics, Aug 2018)
The London School of Economics provides one of the most up-to-date academic perspectives on Brexit and posts regularly on the topic.

Brexit Readling List: latest coverage (House of Commons Library, July 2018)
This paper is updated regularly and contains links to hundreds of reports, parliamentary documents, journal articles, and blogs on general Brexit coverage.

The FCA’s approach to Brexit: preparations and vision (July 2018)
In this speech, Nausicaa Delfas of the FCA discusses how the organisation is preparing for Brexit. It was delivered at a Bloomberg/TheCityUK event in London last month.

THINK European cities: Trends and tactics Q2 2018 (TH Real Estate)
Our Q2 2018 European trends and tactics report reveals Europe has taken its foot off the gas in Q1 2018, with growth momentum slowing. Forecasts are, however, set to stay above trend in 2019.

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