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Life after Brexit - implications for the investment industry

The top 12 papers on industry implications post-Brexit

Britain's historic vote to leave the EU will unleash a wave of change impacting the asset management, investment banking and pensions industries. The Savvy Investor research team has curated a list of the top papers, explaining the implications across a variety of relevant areas. Join Savvy Investor today for full access to our full research library of over 12,000 white papers.


Impact of Brexit on Asset and Fund Managers (Allen & Overy, June 2016)
This paper by Allen & Overy examines the major risks and legal implications of "Brexit" for fund and asset managers. The authors analyse the possible short- and long-term impact on the sector as a whole. They discuss contingency planning, the different post-Brexit models and the difficulties associated with each one.

Brexit: potential impact on the UK's banking industry (Ashurst LLP, 2016)
In this briefing, the authors examine the effects that Brexit will have on the UK's banking industry, starting with a recap of Brexit basics and then taking a thematic look at some of the main issues for banks. We then consider some of the key questions that bank boards, bank legal groups and bank regulators should be considering.

Brexit: Implications for pension scheme investments (Punter Southall, July 2016)
The authors provide their thoughts on the possible impact of Brexit on UK pension scheme investments. 

Brexit and UK Pensions Issues - an update (Norton Rose Fulbright, June 2016
This briefing looks at some of the main issues for pension schemes as a result of this vote to leave the EU.

The UK Referendum - Challenges for Europe's Capital Markets (AFME, 2016)
This 62-page paper by the Association for Financial Markets in Europe examines the consequences - legal and regulatory - of Brexit on the Eurozone's wholesale capital markets. The authors consider the best arrangements that might exist to lessen the impacts on the new relationship UK/EU relationship that will emerge.

Brexit scenarios for asset managers managing a UCITS or AIF (Allen & Overy, 2016)
This article by Allen & Overy examines the possible post-Brexit consequences for managers of an AIF or a UCITS, whether directly appointed as an AIFM, a delegate or a UCITS Management Company.

Life After Brexit: Mid-year economic and market update (JP Morgan, July 2016)
Stephanie Flanders examines the outlook for global markets and economies in the post-Brexit environment.

Brexit - How will it affect the UK compliance industry? (Arachnys, June 2016)
The authors of this brief paper examine the possible effects of Brexit on the growing UK compliance sector. It also looks at the benefits and drawbacks of the models - the Norwegian, Swiss, Canadian and WTO - being suggested as possible models for a post-Brexit UK to follow.

Brexit - What now for the cleared derivatives markets? (FIA, 2016)
This paper by FIA examines the impact of Brexit on the UK's cleared derivatives markets. The authors comment on the uncertainty likely to be experienced during exit negotiations as well as the framework yet to be created for the UK's future relationship with the EU and other non-EU states.

EU Referendum: impact on UK real estate (Aviva, 2016)
In the wake of the British EU vote, three large UK commercial property funds have had to suspend trading. But the hit to UK real estate sentiment may be limited by easier monetary policy, says Chris Urwin.

Separating the Signal from the Noise Around Brexit (Northern Trust, July 2016)
The authors from Northern Trust examine the impact of Brexit upon the UK economy, UK politics and UK banks.

From Brexit to Quitaly: The Expected Ramifications (Northern Trust, July 2016)
The decision by British voters to leave the EU shocked the political and investment worlds alike. In this investment strategy paper, Jim McDonald of Northern Trust examines the global implications of this historic vote.