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The Top Real Assets Papers of 2018

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  • 17 Dec 2018
  • Updated 03 May 2019

2019 Update - the latest papers on "Real Assets" can be found at "Expected long-term market returns"


The best white papers of 2018 - Real Assets

The winning and commended papers for all 15 categories at the 2018 Savvy Investor Awards were announced on December 4th.  The first link below will take you straight to our blog for the Best Real Assets Paper category, where you can view both the winning paper and the other commended papers that were recognized.   

Additionally, we've included some great real assets papers from the past few weeks, most of which just missed the cutoff for this year's awards.  

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The Best Real Assets Papers of 2018 (Savvy Investor Awards)

The winner of this year's award for Best Real Assets Paper was TH Real Estate. Click here for more information about their paper as well as other commended papers recognized in the Savvy Investor Awards.


The Value of Community Impact in Social Infrastructure (Franklin Templeton, 2018)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the EMEA region

This report looks at the ways that private investors can positively impact communities via investments in social infrastructure opportunities, including an examination of the UN SDGs that are aligned with these investments.

Building Blocks for the Low Carbon Economy (FTSE Russell, 2018)

Climate change has the potential to materially affect return profiles for real estate investors. This paper discusses green real estate investments and an approach to evaluate real estate sustainability.

An annual review of the real estate industry's journey into the digital age (KPMG, 2018)

This 39-report by KPMG provides an important assessment of digitisation within the real estate industry.

Core real estate in a disruptive environment (UBS AM, 2018)

Structural changes and technological advancements have started challenging traditional local market practices in the real estate industry. These disruptive developments may also spawn opportunities.

Infrastructure debt in a portfolio context: A first exploration (Aegon AM, 2018)

Aegon Asset Management looks at infrastructure debt in the context of pension fund and insurance company portfolios, examining its risk-return tradeoff and its diversification potential.