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The Top ESG and Sustainable Investing Papers of 2018

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  • 10 Dec 2018
  • Updated 12 Dec 2018

The best of 2018 - ESG and Sustainable Investing

The winning and commended papers for all 15 categories at the 2018 Savvy Investor Awards were announced on December 4th.  The first link below will take you straight to our blog for the Best ESG Paper category, where you can view both the winning paper and the other commended papers that were recognized.   

Additionally, we've included some great ESG and sustainable investing papers from the past few weeks, most of which just missed the cutoff for this year's awards.  

best ESG 2018

Top ESG Papers of 2018

The Best ESG and Sustainable Investing Papers of 2018 (Savvy Investor Awards)

The winner of this year's award for Best ESG Paper was Robeco. Click here for more information about their paper as well as other commended papers recognized in the Savvy Investor Awards.

Top Papers from the last few weeks

Building Blocks for the Low Carbon Economy (FTSE Russell)

How can climate change risk affect real estate returns and what are the tools that are necessary to assess this exposure? This paper examines green real estate, green real estate indices, and a way to evaluate sustainability performance for real estate assets.

Experts on Climate Change (DWS AM)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

This DWS Asset Management report looks at climate change from multiple perspectives - a scientific view of the scale and urgency of the problem, governance and legal issues, an audit/actuarial take on climate risk, and the integration of climate awareness and ESG concerns for investors.

Sustainable investing: a ‘why not’ moment (BlackRock)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

Sustainable investing is the combination of traditional approaches to investment with ESG-related insights. BlackRock discusses the feasibility of constructing sustainable portfolios while enhancing long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Mainstreaming Sustainable Investing (CFA Institute Research Foundation)

There are many different ways to approach sustainable investing due to the wide range of motivations that clients have for achieving certain outcomes, the proliferation of investment strategies, and the ESG systems that are capable of implementing them. This CFA Institute Research Foundation paper discusses mainstreaming SI, not through recommending a particular approach, but via integrating ESG practices into the traditional investment process.

The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors (CFA Institute)

Corporate governance practices are continually evolving. This is the latest edition of CFA Institute's corporate governance manual, designed to update the reader on issues such as best practices in board independence, the implementation of a code of ethics, executive compensation, and shareowner rights.

MindScope: How Should Investors Measure the Impact of Investing? (NNIP)

For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in certain geographies

What impact are companies having upon the environment and society as a whole, and how can this impact be measured? NNIP looks towards corporate carbon and water footprints, UN SDGs, and engagement for answers to these questions.