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Ben Bernanke's new blog

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  • 11 June 2015
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Had you spotted that Former Fed Governor Bernanke began writing a blog last month? He covers some fascinating ground - and not without controversy! Here is a taster of some of his posts:

1. The Taylor Rule: A benchmark for monetary policy? (May 2015)

The Taylor rule is a simple equation intended to describe the interest rate decisions of the FOMC. Hear what Bernanke thinks of the Taylor rule as a benchmark for Fed policy.

2. Washington Post: "Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers are having the most important ever blog fight." (April 2015)

The Washington Post's Wonkblog - their take on the US economic blog debate between Bernanke and Summers. Are rates low due to a lack of people wanting to invest or due to too many people wanting to save? The answer explains why the economy is stuck - and what needs to be done to unstick it.

3. Why are interest rates so low? (April 2015)

Bernanke argues that popular critiques of Fed policy are confused and fail to understand economic theory. In his inaugural Brookings blog, he examines three questions: Why are interest rates so low? Will they remain low? And what are the economic implications of low rates?