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African Private Equity - the best white papers from Savvy Investor

African Private Equity - the best white papers from Savvy Investor



Savvy Investor is the world's fastest growing professional network for institutional investors. It has a research library with over 12,000 white papers and a dedicated section focused on Private Equity. Here are the most popular recent papers, covering private equity in Africa. Register today to access the full library of papers.



SAVCA 2015 VC Survey - Private Equity in Southern Africa

This SAVCA survey follows similar studies conducted by the association in previous years. It aims to create greater understanding of the South African venture capital industry. It covers VC-type deals made by private and public fund managers as well as by public-funded entities.


Private Equity roundup Africa (Ernst & Young, Aug 2015)

Despite the fact that global investor interest has been shifting back from emerging markets to developed ones, Africa's strong long-term growth fundamentals continue to drive the development of the PE industry on the continent. This paper by EY examines the drivers of investment activity across African economies, as well as other developing economies.


EMEA Private Capital Compensation Survey (late 2015)

This 14-page report details remuneration for investment professionals in a variety of investment and marketing roles, operating across a variety of illiquid funds, including buyouts, secondaries, venture capital, co-investment, distressed, credit, growth, direct lending and FOFs. The report details salaries depending on role, experience, fund size, location, education and other factors.

Africa Private Equity Confidence Survey 2015 (Deloitte, June 2015)

This 30-page document from Deloitte, in partnership with SAVCA, surveys the state of the African Private Equity marketplace in 2015.


Dealing in Abundance: A journal of activity and trends in Southern African private equity (2016)

This is a comprehensive document from SAVCA. It brings together a number of Southern Africa's private equity voices in providing perspectives and insights on the region's PE industry. It encourages careful deal selection, which is followed by thoughtful, focused and active management of the business asset despite fluctuations in economic growth. Southern Africa's PE industry has grown steadily over the past 12 months and this publication seeks to demonstrate the abundance of opportunities available.


Africa, the next investment frontier (Robeco, 2016)

This paper by Robeco examines some of the key themes and trends driving African equity markets. The paper mentions seven: GDP growth; Investments Flows; the African Consumer; Infrastructure Growth; Growth in Pension Fund and Insurance Assets; Private Equity; and Valuation.




Global Private Equity Report 2016 (Bain & Company)

The authors of this 64-page paper examine the state of the PE industry over the last year, and their expectations for the next ten. Section 1 of the report examines the deal-making marketplace, fund-raising, new private equity strategies, LP demand and GP supply, the backdrop for exits, and the outlook for PE returns. Section 2 focuses on business strategy for PE firms, including the building of repeatable model processes and mobilizing around big investment themes.


A Framework for Measuring Value Creation in Private Equity Investment (INSEAD, 2016)

The authors of this report begin by discussing the standard framework used by Private Equity practitioners to measure Value Creation sources. They review individual drivers of value identified in academic literature, then they explore different methods developed since before the financial crisis to spot sources of PE returns more clearly.


Private Equity Institutional Investor Trends - 2016 Survey (Probitas Partners)

This survey is designed to track emerging trends within the PE industry, and to compare investors' changing views over a longer period of time.


2015 North American Private Equity Compensation Survey

This detailed 30-page report from Heidrick & Struggles is based on a survey of over 380 North American Private Equity firms (GPs). The comprehensive results show base, bonus and carry by fund size, for a variety of different roles.


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