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Webinar: Advance your Net Zero Strategy (MSCI, 2021)

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Climate change is the single greatest challenge humankind has faced. The transition to a net zero world will require the largest reconstruction of the global economy since the Industrial Revolution.

Beyond the obvious existential threat that the planet and future generations are facing, net zero is also becoming increasingly important for investors and their future, in terms of potential risk, but also as an opportunity.

The road to net zero will not be easy – for the world and for investors. There are still many challenges to mitigate climate risk. And the problems aren’t just technical; some companies are still debating whether to take climate risk seriously at all. These challenges bubble up through issuers to the portfolio level. Given how widespread they are, there’s no way for investors to simply optimise their path to net zero today.

Join MSCI as they explore three different investor approaches to accelerate the move to a net zero economy.

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