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3 Revealing Surveys on Alternative Investments

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  • 11 June 2015
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In recent weeks, Hedge Fund and Private Equity surveys have ranked amongst our most popular alternative investment papers. Here are some of the best:

1. Growing up: a new environment for hedge funds (KPMG)

This 30 page report from KPMG, AIMA and the MFA follows from a global survey of over 100 hedge funds. The results have implications for product design, marketing and compliance. One of the key conclusions is that, as customized fee and fund structures become commonplace, managers will increasingly position themselves as solution providers.

2. Positioning to Win - 2015 Global Private Equity Survey (Ernst & Young)

This 2015 survey is designed to help private equity CFOs to work out their business strategy and operating model. The report has a particular focus on the dynamic and developing relationship between private equity firms and asset owners.

3. 2015 Alternative Investment Outlook - HFs sell stakes to institutions (Deloitte)

This 12 page document from Deloitte explores trends in the Hedge Fund industry, highlighting that asset owners are increasingly buying equity stakes in the private funds in which they invest. The 2015 Alternative Investment Outlook has a particular focus on Brand Risk Management, while a further section of the report argues that alternative managers must continue to think globally if they want to remain relevant. The authors believe that stakes in hedge fund firms will continue to be sold, as owners retire or seek funding for expansion.