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Investment Outlook 2018 - The Best Papers

What will the future bring for 2018?

2017 has been a great year; volatility is low and asset prices are high. But how long will the party last? Could geopolitical tensions, or the current wave of populism and protectionism, or potential headwinds such as rising rates and monetary policy normalization derail the current expansion?

What does all of this mean for investors and asset allocators? This selection of white papers, curated by the Savvy Investor Research Team, provides insights into issues affecting the global economic and investment landscape.

Savvy Investor

Invesco U.S. 2018 Investment Outlook
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the USA)
Given the backdrop of Brexit, US tax reform, North Korean turmoil, and other geopolitical events, Invesco's 2018 Outlook is designed around achieving investment objectives and keeping ahead of the dynamics driving the global markets.

Outlook 2018: Time for change? (Fidelity International)
(For compliance reasons, this paper is only accessible in the UK and Europe)
Fidelity International's 2018 Outlook discusses how the year ahead could see the unwinding of the incredible bull run in both equities and bonds, and the experiments in global policy that have underpinned it.

Outlook 2018: Playing in extra time (Robeco)
In their 2018 market outlook, Robeco likens the current macro-economic backdrop to 'playing in extra time' - a period where the best part of the game is over, but the outcome is still undecided.

2018 Global Market Outlook (SSGA)
Global growth is now more evenly distributed, inflation remains muted, and the coming year should be supportive for risk assets. SSGA's Global Market Outlook discusses these key themes and other topics as we look forward into 2018.

2018 Investment Outlook: Disruption yields opportunity (PineBridge)
Market disruptions are usually bad things, except in technology, where a disruptor has been defined as one of two things: a product that addresses a previously unserved market, or one that offers a better alternative to an existing product.

2018 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions (JP Morgan AM)
The 2017 edition of this report explores the secular themes such as global aging and new technologies, and cyclical factors that will impact returns over a long-term investment horizon.

Panorama: UBS Investment Outlook (UBS Asset Management)
As 2018 approaches, senior investors across UBS asset management assess the global investment landscape.

2018 Investment Outlook: Weathering Heights (GSAM)
Despite some headwinds and due to a broadly supportive macro environment, GSAM discusses how investors can weather the heights in asset valuations and the potential risks in 2018 via a dynamic approach to asset allocation.

2018 Economic and Market Outlook (TIAA)
Investors will have to work harder, take more risk, and get an information edge. This report by TIAA identifies pockets of opportunity across public and private markets.

Janus Henderson Market GPS Outlook 2018
As we enter 2018, Janus Henderson presents their take on the current bull market, monetary policy normalization, the potential return of volatility, technological innovation, and risks and opportunities in emerging markets.

2018 Investment Views: Selectivity is Key (Investec AM)
This outlook by Investec Asset Management examines the prospects for different asset classes, and whether the current post-GFC expansion is enduring or merely a temporary cyclical respite.

2018 Outlook: Guard against real-world inflation (Allianz Global Investors)
Less accommodative monetary policies will force some investors to make adjustments to their approaches.

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