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The changing face of equity investing in 2017 - the best white papers

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  • 21 December 2016
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The best recent papers on equity investing in 2017

How should equity investors prepare for 2017? As rates rebound, and economic growth accelerates, how will the equity market landscape change? What is the outlook for value versus growth, for small versus large, for developed versus emerging markets? The Savvy Research Team has collated some of the best papers to examine these questions.

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Global Equities: The Changing Face of Value (T. Rowe Price, Nov 2016)
One of the big investment puzzles of recent years has been the degree of underperformance of many value factors. In 2016, some change has been witnessed, but will this continue into 2017. PineBridge examines the landscape for value investors and draws some fascinating conclusions.

Small Cap Performance in a slow-growth economic environment (FTSE Russell)
This paper and webinar by FTSE Russell examine the performance of the U.S. small cap market (using the Russell 2000 Index) in periods of slow economic growth.

Equities Outlook 2017: A Return to Fundamentally Driven Investing (PineBridge, Nov 2016)
How will global equities perform in an environment of accelerating global growth? This paper explores the impact, arguing that conditions are favourable for EM and small/midcap stocks.

Equities in a Post-Monetary World: Global Equity Outlook (GSAM, Nov 2016)
Strategists at GSAM believe that equities still offer the best return prospects among the major asset classes in 2017. In this report they update their views on five equity themes in an environment of low growth and shifting policy.

Global Outlook 2017: Time for Plan B (Robeco)
Following a year of dramatic political shocks, the economic Plan B for 2017 is likely to see greater use of fiscal policy as governments try to appease disaffected electorates. This global outlook focuses on more than a dozen issues.

Multi-Dimensional Risk and Performance Analysis for Equity Portfolios (EDHEC)
This report by EDHEC-Risk Institute explores the challenge of consistent risk analysis and performance attribution for equity portfolios, using multiple dimensions and including micro attributes.

Blending Factors in Your Smart Beta Portfolio (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
In recent years, smart beta strategies have grown significantly in popularity. This paper examines how investors can hold a combination of strategies in a blended portfolio with potentially powerful results.

Conservative Equities in Historical Perspective: Fund investing since 1774 (Robeco, 2016)
Robeco investigates more than two centuries of data to gain some valuable insights on the low volatility risk factor. This includes the conclusion that the root cause of the low-risk anomaly is the modern era's focus on relative performance.

Performance Consistency in Int'l Equities - The Advantage of an Adaptive Quantitative Approach
This paper from QMA describes how a bottom-up quant process can consistent alpha in overseas equities markets.

Catalysts for Change - PineBridge Investment Outlook for 2017 (video)
PineBridge believes that equity and bond markets are ripe for change - and the catalysts are abundant. This video describes how investors should be positioned.

Why Equity Investors Should Worry Less About the Fed (QMA, Nov 2016)
Some fear that the Fed could soon be the proverbial straw that breaks the back of a market currently trading at record high P/Es. This paper challenges the accepted wisdom about the link between interest rates and equity valuations.

The Upside of Less Downside: How Defense Wins in Equities (AB, 2016)
How can investors control downside risk and still beat the market over time? AB argues that a disciplined, unglamorous process which incorporates downside protection is the surest way to build lasting wealth.

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