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The 10 most popular US Pensions papers this year

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  • 25 February 2016
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The 10 most popular US Pensions papers this year

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Here is our list of some of the papers which have been most popular with our US Pensions members over the last three months.

2015 Defined Contribution Plan & Fee Survey (NEPC)
This NEPC paper aims to help employers and plan sponsors understand the pricing and fee structures of their defined contribution (DC) plans.

An Analysis of U.S. Public Pension Investments in Hedge Funds
Hedge funds have raised a lot of capital from US public pension funds, arguing that they provide volatility reduction and absolute return. This report, a collaboration between the American Federation of Teachers and the Roosevelt Institute, analyses whether this has, in fact, been the case.

U.S. Corporate DB Pension Plans - Today's Challenges (AQR, 2016)
This paper explores the challenges faced by US corporate sponsors when making decisions related to DB (defined benefit) pension plans. The authors examine why corporate sponsors may have closed their DB plans despite the benefits.

Insights into 401(k) Plan Design (Brightscopae/ICI)
This 70-page report looks in detail at 401(k) plan design, including the impact of employer contributions, the role of auto-enrollment, Investment choices, asset allocation and fees.

US money market reform - the impact on DC pension plans (JP Morgan)
New SEC rules concerning money market funds come into force in Oct 2016. In this 8-page report, the authors explain the salient features of the new rules and their implications for DC pensions plans.

Turning DC Assets Into a Lifetime Paycheck: How to Evaluate Investment Choices for Retirees (PIMCO, 2016)
The authors argue that the best strategy for creating an income stream to last retirement is for retirees to keep savings in their DC plan, enabling access to fiduciary oversight, attractive pricing and institutional investments.

Global Pensions Assets Study 2016 (Willis Towers Watson)
The 2016 GPAS (Global Pensions Asset Study) examines 19 of the largest pension markets in the world, comparing asset size, asset allocation, DC and DB shares of pension assets, and six “faces of change”.

How much can retirees spend? The "virtual annuity" approach (Barton Waring & Laurence Siegel)
The authors propose a "virtual annuity" approach to help determine retirees' spending. Every year, a pensioner should only spend the amount a recently purchased annuity would pay out that year - with a buying price that equates to the then-present portfolio value.

Absolute Return Fixed Income (bfinance, 2015)
This paper seeks to deepen understanding of absolute return fixed income strategies, examining the objectives, benefits and implementation strategies.

Feb 2016 Outlook (Morgan Stanley Global Investment Committee)
From Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, a monthly document covering global strategy issues. This is the latest in a regular series of monthly reports.

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