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Savvy Investor Awards: The Best Investment White Papers of 2015

Savvy Investor

You can now view the results of the Savvy Investor Awards 2016!

The best pensions and investment white papers of 2015

Savvy Investor is a fast-growing knowledge network for institutional investors across the globe. Since the site launched early last year, it has curated over 12,000 investment and pensions papers, placing it in a unique and informed position to launch awards for 2015's best white papers.

The “best investment paper of 2015” was written as part of an initiative to encourage worldwide institutional investors to make investments for the long-term.

The 60-page paper, titled: “Long-Term Investing – Portfolio Guide”, is the collaborative effort of nine global institutions: Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, BlackRock, Capital Group, New Zealand Superannuation Fund, GIC, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, PGGM, and Washington State Investment Board.

Best Investment Paper 2015

Long-Term Investing - Portfolio Guide (FCLT - Focusing Capital on the Long Term)

Focusing Capital on the Long Term is an initiative co-founded by CPPIB and McKinsey. The paper develops a framework to improve the long-term outcomes for funds and their stakeholders, examining five key action areas - risk appetite, investment mandates, benchmarking processes, evaluations / incentives, and investment benefits.

Investment Insight Award 2015

The Folklore of Finance: How Behaviours and Beliefs can Sabotage Success in Investment Management (State Street Center for Applied Research)

Highly Commended:
Alternative asset management 2020: Fast forward to centre stage by PwC
European Responsible Investing Fund Survey 2015 by KPMG/ALFI​
The Divergence of High- and Low-Frequency Estimation: Causes and Consequences by State Street Associates
Understanding the Cost of Investment Management: A Guide for Fiduciaries by Commonfund​
Investing in the future: How megatrends could reshape the future of investment management by KPMG
How Can a Strategy Still Work If Everyone Knows About It? by AQR

Best Pensions Paper 2015 (North America)

A Framework Evaluating Pension De-Risking Strategies (Ernst & Young)

Highly Commended:
The Economics of Providing 401(k) Plans: Services, Fees, and Expenses, 2014 by Investment Company Institute
Align the Design: Considering and Evaluating Target-Date Glide Paths by PIMCO
Reducing Pension Risk: The Five Myths Holding Back Plan Sponsors by Prudential
Corporate Pension Risk Management and Corporate Finance: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Pension Risk Management by Society of Actuaries

Best Pensions Paper 2015 (Europe)

Investment Management Fees Survey 2015 (Lane Clark & Peacock)

Highly Commended:
Navigating the Diversified Growth Funds Maze by Cambridge Associates
A long-term perspective on pension fund investment: Pension Fund Indicators 2015 by UBS
Global Pension Risk Survey 2015 - UK Survey Findings by Aon Hewitt

Best Pensions Paper 2015 (Australia)

International superannuation governance trends and how Australia stacks up (AIST)

Highly Commended: 
Managing currency exposure in Australian superannuation funds by Russell Investments
Supertrends - The trends shaping Australia's superannuation industry by KPMG

Best Asset Allocation Paper 2015

Expected Future Asset Class Returns for 2016-2020 (Robeco)

Highly Commended:
2016 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions by JP Morgan 
Playing To Win: The New Global Competition For Corporate Profits by McKinsey
Dynamic Asset Allocation Through the Business Cycle by OppenheimerFunds
The ins and outs of investing in illiquid assets: A review of the most important aspects when considering investing in illiquid assets by Robeco

Best Investment Strategy Paper 2015

Cycles Out of Sync - 2016 Investment Outlook (BlackRock)

Highly Commended:
BofAML's Transforming World Atlas - Investment themes illustrated by maps by Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Late-cycle investing - Outlook 2016 by CitiBank
Has China just pressed the escape button? by Fulcrum Asset Management
2016 economic and investment outlook by Vanguard 
JP Morgan Quarterly Guide to the Markets by JP Morgan

Best Smart Beta Paper 2015

A Framework for Assessing Factors and Implementing Smart Beta Strategies (Research Affiliates)

Highly Commended:
The Persistence of Smart Beta by S&P Dow Jones Indices
The Equity Imperative: Choosing a 'Smart Beta' Factor - Not Which, But When by Northern Trust
Factor Investing: A Welfare-Improving New Investment Paradigm or Yet Another Marketing Fad? by EDHEC-Risk Institute
Alternative Beta by bfinance​​

Best Insurance Asset Management Paper 2015

2015 Insurance Asset Management Analytic - Building a Bridge to Corporate Profit (Patpatia & Associates)

Highly Commended:
Rethinking Risk In A More Uncertain World: Global Insurers' Investment Strategies by BlackRock

Best Hedge Fund Paper 2015

The Hedge Fund Landscape in 2015 (Towers Watson)

Highly Commended: 
The evolving dynamics of the hedge fund Industry: 2015 Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey by Ernst & Young
Growing Up: A New Environment for Hedge Funds by KPMG
A New Era For Hedge Funds? by Lyxor
Hedge Fund Investing: Manager Selection and Due Diligence by Merrill Lynch

Best Private Equity Paper 2015

Making Waves: The Cresting Co-Investment Opportunity (Cambridge Associates)

Highly Commended:
Risk in Private Equity: New insights into the risk of a portfolio of private equity funds by the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA)
Global Market Outlook 2016: Trends in real estate private equity by Ernst & Young
Private Equity Investments - Financial Markets, Macroeconomic Trends and the Return of Leveraged Buyouts by Goldman Sachs
Integrating ESG into Private Equity: A Guide For General Partners by UN PRI

About the Awards

Savvy Investor is the world’s fastest growing resource hub for institutional investors. Since launch in early 2015, more than 8200 members have registered for the site, with 200 new members joining every week.

The Awards are judged on the basis of the quality and readability of the paper and its appeal to our institutional investor audience.

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