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Sponsored Webinars

Webinars present a different way for you to reach your target audience. They are more personal and offer a more direct opportunity for you to engage with institutional investors. A Savvy Investor webinar will generate highly-qualified leads for your sales team and enable you to deliver compelling content directly to decision-makers.

You provide the speaker and the subject matter. We do the rest, including promoting the event, securing a high-value, institutional investor audience, and preparing your presenters to use our world-leading webinar platform on the day.

Features Sponsorship Benefits
Event marketing Extensive promotion via our platform, through emails, newsletters, ads and social media
Email campaign A targeted campaign to Savvy Investor members and 25,000 other investment professionals
Subscriber nurturing Email reminders to registrants, both pre- and post-event
Event production Using advanced webinar technology in conjunction with ON24
Event hosting We provide a moderator to provide an objective voice
Speaker support We prepare your speaker and discuss Q&A in advance
Lead Generation Benchmark expectation of 200-400 registrant contact details
Standard Price $23,500

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