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Special Reports

We work with selected partners to create “special reports” which discuss the latest research on topics and themes of particular interest to our institutional investor audience. Each report is sponsored by two or more companies, enabling our sponsors to demonstrate their credentials as “thought leaders” and to generate high quality leads from investors who have downloaded the content.

Special Reports Media Pack

Features Sponsorship Benefits
Keynote Paper A two-page introduction to your keynote paper
Advertisement A full page A4 ad in the report
Roundtable Participation Inclusion in one roundtable discussion
Report Promoted on Savvy Investor High Visibility on Home Page
Report Promoted by dedicated email 45,000 members and 25,000 non-members
Report Promoted via newsletter Included in two weekly newsletters
Report Promoted via social media Particularly via LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups
Views Benchmark expectation – 800-1200 views
Lead Generation Benchmark expectation – 400-500 leads
Full Package Cost From $14,000 per sponsor
Reduced “upgrade” price for partners only From $8,000 per sponsor

Editorial Schedule – 2020 forthcoming

August 2020

The Impact of Coronavirus on Investment Markets (4 August)
Risk & Portfolio Construction (18 August)

September 2020

ESG Investing Quarterly (7 September)
Pension Investing Quarterly (21 September)

October 2020

Factor Investing Quarterly (5 October)
Q4 Strategy and Economics (19 October)

Subject to demand (at any time)

Emerging Market Debt
Alternative Investing
Real Assets
The Business of Asset Management
Insurance Asset Management
Asset Allocation Quarterly

Other topics upon request…

Further Information

For further information, please contact Jonny Walthall, Business Development Manager by email or telephone him in the UK on +44-203-327-2257.