Partnership Opportunities

Publish your thought leadership content on Savvy Investor

Savvy Investor is the world's leading platform for the distribution of thought leadership content to institutional investors. Become an "Approved" Publisher and publish your own content, or become a “Base” Partner, and allow us to do all the work for you.

  • White Papers and Articles may only be published by "approved" companies or partners.
  • When you publish an article or white paper, it immediately appears at the top of the "front page" for the relevant topic or topics.
  • An "Approved" company also has a more visible Company Page, with an enhanced company description, sections to describe the company's products or services, and the opportunity to display relevant contact details.

Publishing Costs

Approved Publisher

(publish your own content)

$450 per month

Base Partner

(let us curate your content for you)

$2200 per month

Benefits for “Base” Partners

  • Savvy Investor will visit your site daily and curate your content, based on instructions you give us at the beginning of the partnership. Our Content Team will assign topics and tags to your content, in accordance with our general procedures, and control its geographic availability consistent with your compliance needs.
  • We provide a monthly Partnership Report and Lead Generation Report, detailing engagement with your content across the site and telling you who has viewed your content.
  • We will give you an Advertising Banner (300 x 250) in the site sidebar
  • You will have an enhanced Company Page and higher profile in the Company Directory
  • You will receive our 30-page “Investment Content Quarterly” Publication, which keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends in the consumption of investment content by institutional investors.

Important notes

All content published on the Savvy Investor site must be objective and educational. Explicit marketing copy is strictly prohibited