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Savvy Insights: Best Practice Tips & Trends for Asset Management Marketers


Are you a marketer/communications specialist or sales person within asset management or targeting asset owners and investors? Stay on top of all the latest engagement and content marketing trends for the institutional investor audience with marketing resources and tools from Savvy Insights. 

Savvy Insights are developed by our ex-industry Content Team, who use data from the Savvy Investor platform, combined with results from member surveys and performance analytics to provide content intelligence for marketing teams within the investment industry. Whether you're looking for information on which content type is best, trending topics or best practices to help boost your engagement and conversion rates, our reports and webinars offer practical, evidence-based recommendations to help inform your investment marketing strategies. 


Content Marketing Survey and Forecast 2020

Are blogs really the new black? Is video essential? Are professional white papers passé? When it comes to securing return on investment (ROI), conversion and lead generation, it’s absolutely vital to tailor content strategies to the wants and needs of your core target market.

This report provides investment marketers with:

  1. Survey Results with specific data, analysis and practical tips and trend forecasts to add to your content marketing toolkit
  2. A Content Marketing Best Practices Infographic two-page spread on pages 14-15 (it's also available to download separately)
  3. The Savvy Forecast — Predications and estimates for upcoming and trending content marketing trends and thought leadership topics 

And don’t miss our Head of Content, Ximene Weaver, presenting 'Content that Converts: Engaging and influencing investors' at the 2020 Digital Client Engagement Conference or download the slides for a summary of the key takeaways and report highlights.


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Survey and Report Key Highlights


  • Which content type is best for lead generation and return on investment?
  • Institutional investors report that white papers and in-depth reports are the most valued content type and most likely to influence their decision-making
  • 90% prefer white papers in PDF format over webpages
  • 68% of investors proactively use platforms to find content, showing that syndicating and promoting content is an effective tool for lead generation
  • IN-DEMAND TOPICS: The Savvy Survey found ESG, Alternatives and Factor Investing are the most sought after topics for investment content
  • CONTENT BEST PRACTICES: 10 best practices for content marketing to boost your engagement
  • CONTENT FORECAST: Get ahead of the competition with these forecasts for marketing trends and investment themes