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Best Smart Beta Paper 2017

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  • 05 Dec 2017
  • Updated 08 Jun 2018

Savvy Awards 2017 Fixed Income

WINNER: BlackRock

How active managers are using factor strategies
In the last few years, factor investing has growing tremendously. Since the start of 2017, about $34 billion has flowed into smart beta Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Fund managers have taken notice and many have already been using factors to enhance their investment strategies. Through three case studies, this BlackRock report explores how adding factors to existing strategies can potentially result in higher returns, reduced risk, or superior diversification.


Factor Investing and Asset Allocation by CFA Institute Research Foundation
This comprehensive report has been authored by CFA Institute Research Foundation. It explores the widespread adoption of factor investing practices in the fund management industry. The authors are interested in finding out what analysts at these firms do and what results they expect to reap, among other things. A hugely important read.

Ten things you should know about factor investing by Robeco 
Factor-based investing has growing in popularity over the past few years. While leading institutional investors have embraced allocation to well-known factors (e.g. momentum, low vol, value), a lot still needs to be done around proper implementation of these strategies and a deepening of knowledge about some of the underlying empirical findings.

Contrarian Factor Timing is Deceptively Difficult by AQR Capital Management 
The rising popularity of factor-based investing has raised concerns relating to the valuation of the underlying risk factors. This paper by AQR Capital Management explores these fears, arguing that the main factors are generally not significantly over-valued.

Why should investors consider credit factors in fixed income? by Invesco 
In the equity space, factor investing has been widely accepted. However, the fixed income space remains "uncharted territory" for the strategy. This paper by Invesco provides some important insights into how factor investment strategies differ in the equity space vs the fixed income space. It also considers the unique challenges which arise in implementing factor strategies for fixed income portfolios.

The Merits and Methods of Multi-Factor Investing by S&P Dow Jones Indices
Is it wise for market participants to rely on the performance of one factor only? Or should multi-factor approaches be preferred? How effective are they? This paper by S&P Dow Jones Indices addresses some of the key issues around the question of how to decide on a factor-based strategy.

Smart beta: 2017 global survey findings from asset owners by FTSE Russell 
This detailed survey of global institutional investors has been produced by FTSE Russell for four years now. It examines the key themes and rationale behind smart beta adoption, evaluation, and implementation, providing helpful insights into industry trends.

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