ESG and Ethical Investing

Is Impact Investing for everyone?

Papers exploring the practicalities of impact investing are amongst the most popular the ESG section of our site. Here is a taster of some of the most-liked papers:

1. Assessment of the impact investment sector (WEF)

This report follows a survey of over 150 institutional investors, business leaders, philanthropists and policymakers, aiming to assess the impact investing sector and identify factors which constrain the growth of impact investing.

2. Making Impact Investable (Impact Economy)

This paper defines and explores "impact investing" through a spectrum of four megatrends which create  investment opportunity. These are; 1) hugely pent-up demand, 2) a need for radical green growth and resource efficiency, 3) the reshaping of the welfare state to propel efficiency, and 4) an increase in "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” consumers.

3. Social Finance: A Primer Understanding Innovation Funds, Impact Bonds, and Impact Investing

This paper offers a primer on three key tools: Impact Bonds, Innovation Funds and Impact Investing. After outlining what each of these are, the authors explain how all of these are being utilized, and where changes in policy could aid them in reaching their full potential.